Skinny Bakery | Chocolate Pearls

When I was in London a few weeks ago, I popped into Whole Foods and found these treats from the Skinny Bakery. I had heard of the company before and their delicious-looking products had caught my eye over on Instagram, so I didn't hesitate to pick up a couple of their 'Skinny Chocolate Pearls'. I would have picked up more, but a busy Saturday in London left the shelves a little bare!

When looking at the ingredients on the back, there's nothing that sounds too manufactured or processed and the brand gives off a natural/whole food feel. The chocolate frosting is made from tofu (trust me, it's incredible) and they claim to be low fat and a good source of protein. On their website they also have details about the syns (slimming world) and weightwatchers points, if that's something that you follow.

The chocolate pearls themselves taste a little bit like mini chocolate cakes which are incredibly moist and gooey! Quite often, anything that is low fat and high protein tends to be a little dry and never anything like the tempting unhealthy substitute. These however, are incredibly satisfying and don't taste 'healthy' at all! In fact they're that good I ate one pack on the train home and the other the following evening!

Each 85g pack contains 208 calories, 30g carbohydrates (of which 14g are sugar), 8f fat and a decent - but not mind-blowing - 6g of protein. Most important of all they're delicious and definitely worth a nibble! They also offer a 'pick n mix' option on their website which allows you to try multiple products for a discounted price.

Next on my list: double chocolate meringue cookies!

Melanie x

Melanie Clare