Protein Ice Cream | Whey Hey

When ice cream and protein are in the same title name, you know I'm going to try it. I saw these at Holland and Barrett a few weeks ago (P.S - don't miss out the fridge/freezer section at H&B, I always find gems there) and couldn't not put them in my basket. I picked up the Vanilla & the Chocolate flavoured mini pots (150ml) but I believe they do larger tubs and also have a Strawberry flavour.

The macros are really good per mini pot (20G PROTEIN), and you actually get a decent amount of ice cream (same as a mini Ben & Jerrys). The texture is a little thicker than normal ice cream but really creamy and rich. Both the chocolate & the vanilla flavours are delicious and I know they'll be a staple in my freezer in the Summer months - or when I'm walking around town and tempted by the ice cream vans! You could also pop them into a protein shake for an extra dollop of protein goodness!

Have you tried Whey Hey before?
Melanie x

Melanie Clare