6-Week Training Programme App | Built by Science

I've tried quite a lot of different training programmes, some free, some bought. Last year I noticed that BodyBuilding.com had created different apps in the App Store with training programmes you could follow for different goals - all completely free. They have a range of different programmes, some for building lean muscle, some for weight loss and lots of different challenges.

After browsing quite a few, I downloaded 'Built by Science' which focusing on building lean mass. It's a 6-week programme, which is one of the shorter options, which includes a full training programme including weekly workouts, videos of exercises and recommendations on reps and sets.


Something I found really useful are the video clips for each exercise to ensure you're doing the exercise safely and with correct form. There's also the option to 'complete workout' which adds your completion to a 6-week calendar, which is definitely motivation to continue the programme and see your progress at the end of the six weeks.

As well as the full 6-week training programme there is also the option to follow the Nutrition Overview. This isn't something I personally followed due to it being generic and not necessarily suitable for everybody following the programme. However I did take a couple of the meal ideas as inspiration so it's a useful part of the app, especially for beginners and those who might need extra information nutrition wise.

Overall, I think the apps are a really good idea and something motivating to follow to achieve different goals. It's also a brilliant idea to have the videos of each exercise so you can familiarise yourself with the workouts and even improvise if your gym doesn't have the exact same equipment.

If you're looking for a plan to follow and you have a specific goal, definitely have a look on your app store for a BodyBuilding.com programme and see if you can find something that suits you!

Melanie x

Melanie Clare