4 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

I was always somebody who hated the thought of meal prepping. I didn't see the interest in eating the same things every day and I wanted to be able to eat what I wanted, flexibly. However, as I have set myself new fitness/nutrition goals I've found meal prepping to be a life saver - and I now really enjoy doing it. I thought I'd share my 4 reasons (I honestly just couldn't think of a fifth) as to why preparing my meals on a weekly basis has helped me recently.

1: COST!
Ok, so this is something that I never really considered. Often eating 'healthier' is seen as more expensive and I completely understand why. If I feel like chicken one night, then lean turkey the next, then maybe a steak and throughout the week alternating my carb and veg/salad sources - it can all very easily add up. I normally meal prep my lunches for the week on a Sunday, so I always have something to grab if I'm busy. Now usually I would go for a wrap, bagel or salad for my lunch, but since meal prepping the same or similar meal for my lunch it's actually worked out cheaper!
Here's an example:

Bagel thins: £1
Cooked chicken: 2 for £5
Lettuce/Cucumber: £1

Bag of rice (which lasts maybe a month): £1
Raw chicken mini fillets: £4
Kale/peppers/spinach: £1

Ok, so it's roughly £1 saving per week (even though the rice lasts you much longer) which admittedly isn't anything incredible. But for those saying it's more expensive - it doesn't have to be!

When you make your own meals, you know what's in them, you know their freshly sourced and freshly made. It's all well and good going and picking up a 'healthy' ready-meal but I can gaurantee 90% of the time when you look on the back there's a long list on ingredients! It also means you can easily get in more of your 5 a day with lots of veg and salad. I find when I meal prep I can add in 3 or 4 portion of different veg which I wouldn't have cooked every day.

I can be the official snack queen. Throughout the day, if I'm not 100% full, I graze and graze and most of the time they're not the best options. I find when I prep a 'proper' meal I am more full and have much more energy during the day - which is predominantly when I need it. I often used to have very little throughout the day and then have a large meal and two desserts of an evening, meaning I was really lacking on energy during the day and often couldn't sleep at night.

Of course the option to choose something less healthy is always there, but if you have something prepped, you're not only wasting food and money but you're also going off track - which is an incentive that helps me most of the time! If it's there, I'll eat it rather than the McDonalds I could go and get!

Do you have any top tips for meal prep?
Melanie x

Melanie Clare