Cocoa + | High Protein Chocolate

I've been a fan of high protein chocolate for a while but I usually buy it from MyProtein. I normally add it to greek yoghurt, porridge or top my pancakes with a few squares to liven up my regular meals. I saw recently that Cocoa + (creators of high protein chocolate) had a few different varieties on their website. The mint crisp & orange crisp took my fancy so I bought 'create your own 3 pack' for £7.99.

As a context, their usual high protein chocolate contains 19g of whey protein isolate and BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). It definitely has more of a dark chocolate taste but isn't overpowering and has quite a smooth texture - I presume from the whey. The 'crisp' variety contains crunchie whey crispies, similar to the texture of a Crunch bar if you've ever tried one, and has either natural orange oil or natural peppermint oil and still the same amount of protein per 70g bar (19g).

I definitely prefer the crisp variety and with the natural oil flavourings they're quickly becoming my favourite chocolate snack! The chocolate isn't too rich and they sell them in handy snack-size bars rather than the 8-square slab. If you're looking for something sweet that will boost your protein intake, definitely give Cocoa + a try! They're also currently offering 10% off when you sign up with your email.

Melanie x

Melanie Clare