Oomf Protein Oats | Review

 I'm always looking for quick breakfast options to have before I go to work. I've recently been obsessed with these Oomf Protein Oats due to the fact they literally take 2 minutes to make and they taste amazing. As they're also in a handy little pot they're easy to take to work or eat in the car if you're really in a rush! 

Each pot has over 20g protein per serving and only 4g of fat, so it's a perfect fuel-packed breakfast to keep you going through the morning. On the side of the pot there is a fill gauge which tells you where to fill the water up to if you want your oats thick, regular or runny which again makes it easier so you're not measuring out the right amount of water. They also have 'Skinny Oats' if you usually opt for a smaller breakfast. 

The chocolate and golden syrup flavour are my personal favourites but all are delicious and not too overpowering or strong (especially as they have no artificial flavourings or sweeteners and no added sugar). Each pot works out around £1.50 each when you buy a pack of 8 (and there's currently a sale on their website) so if you're one to regularly buy your breakfast on-the-go, you'll also find you'll save some cash! 

If you're interesting in purchasing any Oomft oats, you can buy them online here

Melanie x

Melanie Clare