My Protein Cookie Mix | Review

I recently saw, whilst browsing the MyProtein website recently, they had a fairly new 'protein cookie  mix' which I wanted to try. I have previously tried both their protein muffin mix and pancake mix and was pleasantly surprised, and the cookie mix also lived up to my expectations.

I chose the chocolate flavour purely because I thought if they were bland I could always add in some chocolate chips to my second batch,  but luckily that wasn't needed. I bought the 400g pouch which makes roughly two batches of around 4 large cookies. You only need to add in a few ingredients: butter, honey - I chose to use a natural fruit syrup as that's all I had- and milk. Each cookie, made with these ingredients, turned out to be around 165 calories each, 6g of fat, 18g of carbs and 11g of protein, so considerably less (but with more protein) than your average chocolate cookie.

The texture also wasn't as dry as other protein-rich cookies or biscuits I have tried, perhaps due to the butter and milk that you add in. It's more of a thick sponge consistency, but they taste and smell delicious. They were also really easy to make, so if you're not one for baking you will mange these quite easily!  They're definitely a winner with a cup of tea!

Melanie x

Melanie Clare