Review: Oh Yeah! Low Carb Bars

One of my favourite protein bars are the 'Low carb bars' from 'Oh Yeah!'. They taste incredible (especially when microwaved for 20 seconds), they're a good size and the macronutrients aren't half bad. They have a wide range of flavours; chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate brownie, jaffa cake, cookies and cream and one of the most popular - birthday cake. 

They're a really good option if you want a high-protein, low fat/carb snack and so much better flavour wise than other protein bars on the market. The downside is they aren't widely available in stores across the UK. I have always purchased mine from Cardiff Sports Nutrition as they have reasonable delivery options compared to other competitors online and a good range of deals in store. 

Like stated above, they taste perfect when microwaved for 20 seconds - especially the birthday cake flavour, but the cookies and cream is a close runner up. The nutritional information slightly changes for each flavour however they each roughly have 220 calories, 7g fat, 24g carbohydrates (dietary fibre being 9g and only 1g sugar)and 21g of protein

Melanie xo

Note: The Low Carb Bar has now been rebranded in Europe and is now called the 'One Bar'. Same product, different name. 

Melanie Clare