Chocologic No Added Sugar Chocolate

If you're looking for a chocolate fix but don't want to eat a large chunk of sugary carbohydrates, I recently came across 'Chocologic' chocolate in Tesco which might appeal to you. They have a range of chocolate bars (80g) which are all 'no added sugar', with the milk chocolate advertised at 60% less sugar than some other milk chocolate brands, and the dark chocolate advertised at 90% less sugar. They also have a milk chocolate & hazelnut bar. 

As well as the bars they also have giant buttons and I have previously seen a box of chocolate miniatures (they are quite difficult to locate online). All have pretty low calories and carbs compared to 'normal' chocolate and a moderate amount of fat. If you're tracking macros they're the perfect snack to add in between meals, or if you're just looking for something lower in sugar and calories to fix your chocolate craving.

Milk chocolate bar/buttons: Very creamy and quite rich considering it's not as sweet, however you can have much more for your calories. Also very nice melted on oats etc. 

Dark chocolate: Not too sharp and surprisingly sweet for a standard dark chocolate (and low sugar) bar. 

As stated above, these products are available from Tesco.
Melanie x

Melanie Clare