The only whey is Whey Box!

If you're an on-the-go protein go-getter like me and you're constantly adding protein to greek yoghurts and oats, 'Whey Box' might be of some use to you. 
I saw on Instagram last month that there was a new subscription service that delivered individual sachets of whey to your door, which is so much easier for on the go compared to carrying around scooped out whey in plastic tupperware.  

When I visited their website, I found out that you can either pick from 10 sachets per month, or 20, and that you can also choose which flavours you want to receive. For me, this is perfect as buying a large kg/2kg bag of protein is of course much more cost effective, but I get too bored of the flavour too easily. The whey protein from Whey Box is a much better idea for me so I can take my protein with me and mix up the flavours. 

In terms of how it is delivered; it comes in a letterbox friendly package (so you don't have to be in to sign for it each month) and presented in a lovely blue and white box. With your first months order you also receive a free shaker bottle if you prefer to make protein shakes with milk or water.

This month I also received a handwritten note inside my box from the Whey Box team, which I thought was a nice personal touch from the company. 

Each month you can log onto your account on their website and chop and change which flavours you receive and which ones you might want to try. You also have the option to upgrade to 20 sachets a month, pause your box (if you're going on holiday for example) or cancel your monthly subscription. The whole online interface is really easy to use and much better than a lot of subscription box services I have used in the past. 

If you're interested in trying Whey Box for yourself, you can visit their website here

Melanie xo

Melanie Clare