Craving Pizza? My Healthy Alternatives

If you're anything like me and have pizza cravings CONSTANTLY, this post might be useful to you. Of course I'm partial to a dominoes or pizza hut every now and again in moderation, but day to day and week to week, I love creating healthier pizza alternatives that I can enjoy within my daily macro nutrient allowance.

As my pizza base I usually use a carb source such as bagels, flatbreads, wraps or pitta breads. I usually toast or grill them before applying any toppings so the tomato sauce doesn't absorb as much into the base. I opt for a chilli and garlic tomato passata as the sauce (low fat, lower carb) and use protein sources such as chicken, ham or pepperoni, before topping with cheese and mixed herbs. 

Something that I've been obsessed with since tracking my macros is 'protein cheese' from Eat Lean. I spotted this originally on My Protein but have since bought it from Morrisons and Tesco. It has a mild cheese flavour (of course nothing in comparison to your standard mature cheddar) but it melts deliciously and is perfect for your pizza topping - as it bubbles under the grill!

Let me know your macro-friendly pizza ideas below!
Melanie x   

Melanie Clare